• Location: United States

One-Line Bio

New England advertising chick with a passion for fiber, jazz and Cuban cigars


Midlife Leo girl, ISO well-lived life. Married forever to wonderman, mother of college boy, daughter of heros.

Loves: Running a business, snowstorms, good booze, great books, first class seats, hotel suites, Istanbul, long baths, Miles Davis, Kimmi Raikkonen, Maine Islands, Manhattan Island, Greek Islands. 50 Cent. (Okay, I'm being ridiculous. Humor me.)

Hates: Acrylic yarn, Birkenstocks, Nascar, Vinyl Siding, scrapbooking, wine coolers, seatbelts, thunder (tho lightning is worse.) capri pants, britney spears. (although I'm sure she's a lovely girl in person.)

Wants: A house in Puglia, an end to foolish wars, more butter, Public Broadcasting to flourish, to drive the Gaspe, Health and contentment for the loved ones.

Needs: More shoes, more time, less dust, more storage space, better backhand, more patience.


She likes fast German road cars, slow Italian shoes, Jane Monheit, Manhattans, Quebec, Amarone, red meat and knitting. Watches Christopher Guest movies, knows more about James Bond than she'll admit and considers herself an expert on the music of Ella Fitzgerald. Plays the piano, makes Bakewell Cream biscuits and sings. Her pie crusts come with lard.