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Justin Alan Childs

Who needs Hulu or Netflix in Florence? Great photo caption. Glad to see you made it safely, and I look forward to remaining envious, reading your blog. Cheers!

Susan Bassi Brown

Amazing that you have wifi! And great food and wine all in one package!


You hedonistic thing. Kiss any waiters yet?! Miss you . . .


Love the posts....nice to stay connected no matter how far away you are. Enjoy!!


Woo hoo! Glad to hear you are there and the Mimi is still standing.
Just leaving ME. Tres froid.

Ellie Baker

Lucky, lucky! We are still freezing here! Love the posts! They will sustain me during TAx Season.


Chris Mazuzan

Glad to hear that you guys are settled in. Enjoy the red wine!

larry vine

Keep them coming. Love to DC.

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